Legal issues

Terms of business

We are working with commercial diligence. However, as our information depends on the statements of third parties, we cannot be held responsible for the completeness and correctness of this information or the solvency of the corresponding contract partner. Furthermore, please bear in mind that our property offers and informations are intended only for the recipient himself. A transfer to third parties is subject to our previous permission. A contraventing party will be held liable for any damages to the exent of the value of missed profits. 3% brokerage as well as value added tax have to be added to all mentioned sales prices.


Subject to intermediate sale or error.


Additional purchase costs
Please note that this information is just a guideline and we can’t guarantee for!


Up to 2% lawyers fee
Approxm. 2,3% notary fee incl. expenses for registry
3% estate agent fee
The purchase tax is 3%


Building regulations
Inside town planning areas there are several restrictions; the main rules are:

First 100 sqm: 1,6%
Next 100 sqm: 0,8%
Next 100 sqm: 0,6%
Remaining sqm: 0,4%
max: 400 sqm


Outside town plan the minimum size of land is 4000 sqm and you can build 200 sqm
> 4.000 sqm: 200 sqm + 0,02%
> 8.000 sqm: 280 sqm + 0,01%
> 16.000 sqm: max. 400 sqm
all sqm plus cellar, garage, pool, balconies etc.

The distances from the border lines are 15m, 30m from the coast and 10m from forest.


Please note that for touristical developments different building regulations exsist.

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